1. General Rules

1.1. Have fun.
1.2. Show respect for your clan brothers and sisters as well as for the players you will meet out there.
1.3. Cheating is not allowed in any case.

2. Rules of the Council

2.1 There can only be seven members of the council.
2.2 A member can only be expelled from the council if he or she is voted out from the council if he or she got more then 4 votes against his or she’s membership. (an exclusion from the council does not exclude a member from the clan)
2.3 All decisions about the clan are handled, by voting, in the council, all members of the council have one vote each.
2.4 Every voting session shall be open no les then 3 days or until more then half the council have agreed of an issue.
2.5 Every member of the council have the right at start a Clan Base war, but are then responsible for that war.

3. Rules of a Recruit

3.1. Any member of the council can recruit players to the clan, but before the recruit can become a full member more then half the council must approve.
3.2. Players that have been accepted in to the clan always have a trial period that will be never less then four weeks. The trial can be prolonged by the council.
3.3. A recruit must have and use TeamSpeak for at least two weeks, before he or she can be accepted as a full member.
3.4. A recruit must register in the ClanBase, to be able to fight for us in the ladder.
3.5. A recruit must register in the forum, so that he or she can get all info that is available.
3.6. A recruit must have MSN, and a valid E-mail address. (An E-mail address could be provided for all members by O.v.F)
3.7. A recruit must be active, so that he or she can be evaluated by the council

4. Rules for Members

4.1. There are four levels of members: Recruits, Full members, Elder and Council.
A member has a trial period, during this period he or she is a recruit.
When a recruit is accepted by the council he or she becomes a full member.
A member that has been working active for the clan or have deserved it can become an Elder, and then he or she can be assigned some responsibilities/Privilege within the clan by the council.
The council consists of seven members. The council is the clan management. A member can only be selected to the council if some else leaves or is expelled.
4.2. A member can be warned by any member of the council, if he or she does something that is not according to the clan rules or spirit.
4.3. A member can be forced to answer to the council if he or she have got one warning and don’t improve. Then the council will have a deliberation about if there is any basis for some measure. There are tree levels of measure that could be taken, an Official warning, a new trial period for the member or exclusion from the clan.
4.4. All members have the right to raise a question to the council. It is then up to the Council to decide according to the ordinary routines.

5. Rules for the Guestbook

5.1. The guestbook is a public forum and shall not be used for message that might cause any damage to the O.v.F clan. Like any hostility between members or against the clan.
5.2. The guestbook shall not be used for information that is only for O.v.F members.
5.3. The guestbook shall not be used for private information about any members if they have not approved.
5.4. The guestbook shall not be used to solve any conflicts between clans.
5.5. Be polite.

(In the O.v.F forum only members got access, here you can talk more freely).

6. Clan Wars and Trainings

6.1 Every member is allowed to start a fun war or a training, but is then responsible for arrange it.
6.2 Only members of the council are allowed to start any Clan base wars.

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