Old Viking force started the 13íTh of December 2005, by a few players who mostly met on the internet, while we were playing Vietcong.

All of us have been playing in clans before, but decided to start our own clan, where our goal simply is not to be the best, but just to have fun. So just because that you donít play Vietcong, you wont be safe. We will play whatever game we find amusing.

From the beginning we were only people from England , Finland and Sweden , all of us were more than 30 years old and there of the name 
Old Viking Force.

But today we have welcomed both players that are younger and comes from other countries, so if you are the player for us, and we are the clan for you, donít hesitate to contact us.

Cyu all out there.

= <( O.v.F )> =

Also visit our allied brothers on http://kgb-clan.nugteren.be/.